Liverpool Offer New Contract for Roberto Firmino?

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The news about Roberto Firmino will leave Liverpool is unlikely to happen. The Reds’ management has reportedly offered a new contract for the Brazilian striker, Firmino can be said to be Jurgen Klopp’s mainstay. Since he arrived at Anfield, he has always been the mainstay of the German manager in the Reds’ line of attack.
Since the 2022/23 season was rolled out, there have been rumors that Firmino would be kicked out of Liverpool. This is because his contract expires next year and Liverpool’s management refuses to give him a new contract. Football Insider claims that the situation has changed. The Reds management is reported to have offered a new contract for Firmino.
Liverpool Still Need Firmino
According to the report, Liverpool’s management has instructed Liverpool to retain Firmino. The player’s performance has indeed decreased compared to a few years ago. However, Klopp believes that the former Hoffenheim player still has a crucial role in their line of attack.
So Klopp considers it more useful to keep Firmino in his team than spending more money to bring in a new striker next year.
Lower Salary

But the same report claims that Firmino will have to make sacrifices if he wants to stay at Liverpool.
This is because he had to reduce his salary if he signed the new contract. Liverpool management is reportedly reluctant to pay his salary of £180,000 per week. The report does not say how much salary deduction Firmino should receive. But the figure is believed to be quite large.
Firmino’s performance is still good
This season, Firmino can be said to have started to rise from his slump in front of goal. The striker managed to score seven goals and three assists in a total of 13 Premier League matches in the 2022/23 season.