The Reborn Flood Heavenly Dignity

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Hỏi đápThe Reborn Flood Heavenly Dignity
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“You, you, Big Brother Zilian, what do you want to do?” The East Emperor was stared at by Zilian’s faint eyes. He felt cold and sweaty all over his body, and the bones of his whole body were cold. “I, I, I and my brother Emperor Jun are the Emperor of Heaven permitted by Hongjun teacher. They are very noble. You put away the magic weapon first.” Emperor Jun is unbearable, mouth palpitating, and finally did not say. The look of the sky is better, after all, for that saint, naturally different from the mole ant, but still can not help but jump in the heart, what is this magic weapon, how never heard of, even Hongjun teacher has not mentioned. Tongtian was even more shocked. He thought that between heaven and earth, in terms of killing, his sword array should be the first, but now he saw the nameless sword, but it was eclipsed. Elder Martial Brother Zilian, this treasure is harmful to Tianhe. It’s better to put it away earlier. Don’t use it easily. It’s easy to say. Tongtian glanced fearfully at the Hongmeng sword in Zilian’s hand and opened his mouth. [Chapter 177 of the main text] “Fourth Younger Martial Brother, I’m afraid the killing spirit of the sword array behind you is not much worse than that in my hand.” Purple Lotus, regardless of what Tongtian said, went straight down to the ground and walked slowly to the human race. Before that, you wanted to worship me as the Holy Father of Purple Lotus. I still have a lot of disputes. I don’t want to be ashamed. It is said that heaven and earth do not love, and saints do not hurt. If you are sad and inexplicable, I will accept the name of your Holy Father. Although I am not like Nu Wa,deep draw stamping, who created you with her own hands, it is nominal. But this time.. Purple lotus stopped in front of Shennong several people, looked back at the demon clan several people, “this time, I fell into the face of the sage, to find the dignity of the human race, also calculate you did not read a waste.”. In the world, there is no greater sorrow than the death of the heart. Since I am a saint, how can I let you die of your heart!!! “Elder Martial Brother Zilian, what do you mean?” Tongtian looked at Zilian with a strange look. Regardless,Investment casting parts, Zilian turned to the human race and said, “Who can tell me what the dignity of the human race is?” When the Terrans heard this, they whispered to each other. We also feel that the human race is so dead and wounded, almost exterminated, dignity must have been lost, but what is dignity, we are still a little unclear. Suddenly, I saw many people from inside to outside, gradually get out of the way, a short figure gradually came to the purple lotus. Little girl, don’t fool around. Don’t go on. When Shennong saw a little girl with a broken palm, he was a little worried. He was afraid that the saint would be so abrupt that Zilian would be unhappy. Nothing. The face of a saint is not witnessed by a child. Purple lotus is the most casual, he is not without shelf, just do not want to show off in front of the human race, that kind of person is not deceiving the world, is the people who harm the common people. I, I know.. The little girl walked up to the purple lotus, twisting the corner of the coarse linen with both hands, at a loss, Steel investment casting ,non standard fasteners, and finally chose to kneel down first. Purple Lotus looked down at the little girl, who immediately got up and couldn’t kneel down any more. Do you know what the dignity of the human race is? “I, I know.” The little girl seemed to have made up her mind and gritted her teeth and said, “The dignity of the human race is to have a good sleep and a meal.”. When the wicked come, there are warriors to stop them. When the Holy Father comes, there is a tribute to offer. Then he bowed his head in shame. Ha ha ha, the dignity of the mole ant is really great. Laugh at me too! An extremely discordant voice sounded, and all the people present did not change their faces, but when they looked carefully, it was the East Emperor who was stroking the bell and laughing. People can not help but sigh, this person really has no good memory, purple lotus just turned around, just forgot the mess. As soon as Tongtian heard this, he frowned and was shocked. He was about to open his mouth, but he heard Zilian say, “Laugh, laugh..” It’s good to laugh after all. “Elder Martial Brother..” Tongtian hurriedly opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Zilian. Tongtian, I have my own ideas, you must not be in charge, or don’t blame me for being too heartless. Purple lotus also does not look back, the edge says lightly, the edge bends over to look at the little girl, reach out to wipe a few mud spots on her face. Little girl, are you willing to protect the human race? Purple Lotus looked down at the little girl with a charitable smile on her face. The little girl is willing, just, just the little girl is not fierce, even the bad guy who laughs a lot can’t beat him. The little girl pouted, as if she were disappointed with herself. Purple Lotus can not help but sigh, the little girl’s ambition is really big, “Oh, that laughing bastard, but very fierce, can beat him not many people.” “Purple Lotus, what do you mean by that? Do you think I’m afraid of you?” “The East Emperor, with all eyes on the sky, became angry from embarrassment and went straight to scold.” Donghuang, shut up! Tongtian shouted angrily, scaring the East Emperor no longer dare to open his mouth. The East Emperor Taiyi did not know the terror of Zilian, but he clearly knew the power of Zilian. Even if he used the immortal sword array, he might not be the opponent of Zilian. “Elder Martial Brother, the East Emperor’s Younger Martial Brother is a quick talker. I hope you don’t take it amiss.” Tongtian frowned and did not know what he was worried about. Zilian didn’t even bother to reply this time. She said to the girl with a smile, “If those laughing villains are gone, you don’t have to be afraid.” After groping for a while, Zilian took out four pills, grabbed the little girl’s right hand and put them in the palm of her hand. “This is the treasure of the Three Immortals Island. Chaos Pill. Ordinary people can take one pill. The time of Jinxian will not come soon. Tianxian can take one pill. The position of Da Luo Jinxian can be achieved.” Hearing this, Tongtian and Dijun, as well as the East Emperor Taiyi, could not help but change their faces. Where on earth did the purple lotus come from so many treasures? Even though they had seen countless elixirs, they only knew that Taishang Laojun had a similar nine-turn golden elixir, but it was the first time they had heard of the elixir that could achieve the position of Da Luo Jinxian. Even the nine-turn golden elixir barely reached the early days of Jinxian. The position of Da Luo Jinxian is really a dream. Shen Nong, these four pills, together with the little girl, you, Pan Wang each one. The rest of the people, do not get up the heart of greed. No chance, no chance. Zilian still reminds us that the greed of a small number of human beings is still very terrible. One more? Shen Nong hesitated for a moment, then asked cautiously, after all, only three people have got this anti-heaven elixir now! “A thousand years later,alloy die casting, when the little girl is in the same vein, a man will give birth to a child by the river. This Dan is the chance for this child.” Said Zilian with a slight smile, and conveniently gave the elixir to Shennong.